One thought on “Can Fabricate fuse diamond dust into a single diamond?

  1. D. Walker says:

    Next logical step – can Fabricate turn coal (or other forms of carbon) into diamonds?

    It can turn metal into finished weapons and armor, if you have the appropriate proficiency. It can turn sand into glass.

    This goes beyond mere assembly of existing components. When you heat and hammer steel, you not only change the crystalline structure of it, you actually produce certain chemical changes as well. And the same is equally true of turning sand into glass.

    If this spell can combine iron and select ingredients like carbon or nickel to create steel; and if it can combine sand and select ingredients like lime and various oxides to create different kinds of glass; then logically it should be able to use raw carbon to form diamond as well – particularly since you’re not even creating a chemical change in doing so, but merely reorganizing the carbon molecules into a new pattern.

    One gray area of the spell is it doesn’t mention whether or not you need things like fuel to accomplish tasks. I could see arguments for the Fabrication of a sword requiring not just metal, but also something which could be consumed to produce the heat necessary to actually forge that metal.

    If that is how the spell is intended to work then 1) it needs to be revised to communicate that fact, but also 2) it would then mean that Fabricating diamond would require a vast amount of fuel as part of the process, thus introducing certain diminishing returns.

    That said, even with such a limit, you could still probably get enough raw materials and fuel to realistically create a 5 ft x 5 ft block of solid diamond. A large peat bog, for example, might be sufficient for the task – particularly since the spell places no limit on the amount of raw materials used as input.

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