Can Cleric cast spiritual weapon + attack weapon + cantrip?

4 thoughts on “Can Cleric cast spiritual weapon + attack weapon + cantrip?

  1. Rob says:

    Actually Spiritual Weapon used a bonus action and specifically says the created weapon attacks when first summoned. Action can then be used to cast a cantrip.

  2. Sanguaine says:

    Hello the spell spiritual weapon is a bonus action and the spell also atates on casting this the player can make free attack this entire move is just a bonus action and thus the player still has a action left so he could for instance cast a cantrip and he would still have a simple action like picking up a item.

    I hope this clarify’s it for you this is all adventurers legue legal.

  3. Scott says:

    Spiritual weapon is a Bonus action spell, that states when created may be used for an attack that round. The player still has their action to attack/cast a cantrip or anything else they can think of.

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