Can an archer aim at me while i’m in Darkness?

2 thoughts on “Can an archer aim at me while i’m in Darkness?

  1. Charles cole says:

    devil sight allows you to see in any darkness magical or not by description so yes he would be able to aim at you

    • tideoftime says:

      He’s more likely saying that *his* character has Devil’s Sight — he’s the drow. (That’s why he’s in (D)arkness, so he can attack from it but others can’t readily see him. However, as JC noted, there *are* rules for shooting into darkness so the archer can at least *attempt* to fire at him. What JC should have noted also, however, is that the use of the word “aim” is not being used in its normal sense in this case — the archer isn’t “aiming” at the drow, as such, but rather attempting to hit him… so he’s aiming along a line/height in the darkness and hoping for the best.)

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