Can a PC benefit from short rests during a long rest?

2 thoughts on “Can a PC benefit from short rests during a long rest?

  1. Shannon Carroll McLaren says:

    I find this ruling rather odd for 1 reason. Its no where written that a rest needs to be a stated activity. Its reads as though its a when your meet these requirments you gain this benefit. So at what point does it need to be stated and the type of rest choosen?

    • tideoftime says:

      It is “stated/indicated” when you announce the type of rest you are taking — neither type of rest is “automatic” with the simple passage of time, but is a mechanic that is declared to the DM by the players (even if the PCs, in-narratively, don’t of course think in those strict mechanical terms). You can be relatively inactive for several hours but not have taken a SR at any time during then *unless* you note such to the DM — they *aren’t* automatic things that “just happen”, save that a DM can arbitrate one or the other having happened to the players and/or that — per another tweet of Crawford’s — a given rest requires *more* time than just the hour/8hours respectively indicated per the intentional wording of the rests requiring “at least” X amount of time… the DM can say that they take longer.

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