Can a monk deflect a thrown javelin?

3 thoughts on “Can a monk deflect a thrown javelin?

  1. Kb says:

    No…its not… it’s a thrown attack mearls

    Which is an attack you use your attack mod like strength to throw it

    A trident isnt under the “ranged weapon attack ” category …does it make more sense that a monk can catch a trident vs a bullet…yes…but RAW no

  2. Mu says:

    That’s wrong. There are melee weapons and ranged weapons, but you can make a ranged [weapon attack] by throwing a melee weapon. There is no such thing as a ‘thrown attack’ for any sort of mechanical classification. Mearls is actually right.

  3. Zyrius says:

    Something i find more odd is, why cant you make a meele attack with an thrown/ranged weapon, like an arrow or javelin applying the same rules as stated? I find it kinda irritation, since i could just take an arrow and “stick” it into my enemys, especialy when im catching one and are able to throw it back.

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