Can a familiar use Help to grant advantage at range?

Can a familiar use Help to grant his wiz adv. at range? And does the AT’s familiar count as an ally for his Sneak Attack?

Otherwise Eldritck Knights/Arcane Tricksters get Permanent True Strike every round from a familiar helping.

8 thoughts on “Can a familiar use Help to grant advantage at range?

  1. Chris says:

    if the familiar is invisible, does he become visible using the help action? Its not really an attack that would normally break the invisibilty…

  2. Alex says:

    an owl has a fly speed of 60, and is immune to attacks of opportunity, meaning it can swoop down and theoretically out of standard melee range every round.

  3. Zace says:

    It never says if to provide the Help action an ally has to stay in the 5′ range. Some people interpret this as being able to do the Help action and leave. Some, like myself feel it should stay within 5′ for the action to be completed.

  4. You have to remember that even though turns take place one at a time, they are ‘technically’ all happening at the same time. So a the owl that flies in, helps and then leaves does it during the time you are attacking, and provides that distraction you needed.

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