Can a creature who can fly make it out of a reverse gravity area?

One thought on “Can a creature who can fly make it out of a reverse gravity area?

  1. D. Walker says:

    While a sudden inversion might cause some chaos as Mike suggests (I’d probably allow a Dex roll or similar to see if you can adapt to the sudden difference), the physics of ordinary flight don’t particularly care much either way.

    A bird put in anti-gravity could fly normally – it’d just be upside down while doing so. If it started sitting on the ceiling, it could take off normally and fly around normally, and it wouldn’t know the difference.

    If it left the anti-gravity field, it would briefly have to cope with that “sudden inversion”, which would likely disorient it, but so long as it managed to flip over again before anything happened it could quite naturallycontinue flying in normal gravity just the same.

    If you’re able to fly through some method other than flapping wings – like magical flight, or mechanical flight with fixed wings like an aircraft, or even flight via rotors like in helicopters – then you can absolutely still operate upside down with only minimal adjustments.

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