Are summoned/animated creatures able to make opportunity attacks?

2 thoughts on “Are summoned/animated creatures able to make opportunity attacks?

  1. Brower says:

    Let’s say you summoned 10 tiny objects, each one is a creature. Would ALL 10 objects/creatures get an opportunity attack? And would this require the use of the caster’s reaction as well, or would the caster still have its own reaction for later use?

    • John Preis says:

      Each creature would have its own opportunity attack independent of the caster’s Reaction. Note, however, that the OA is semi-dependent on what, exactly, the caster’s last instructions to the summoned/animated creatures were: if they had been instructed to do “x”, then an OA might not apply (particularly for animated objects, for example). If they had been instructed to generally attack the caster’s enemies, then OAs would apply as normal. This is why monster summoning/animating spells can be so effective in battles… and a major headache for the DM to keep track of, even with the player being responsible for tracking “x” creatures. (Sidenote: and, of course, specific spell/class features apply when/where applicable — such as requiring the caster to use “x” part of their Action Economy and then have their familiar/whatever use their Reaction to do “y”, as-noted in a given feature.)

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