Any advice/tips/tricks on bringing new players along effectively?

Comment Hi Chris,
I just wanted to say thanks for everything you’ve done to bring 4e and 5e “to the masses”, particularly with the Penny Arcade series of podcasts and live play sessions.
Showing how much fun it can be, especially with an engaged, creative, and flexible DM, has inspired several people I know to get back into tabletop play after years away. I suspect there are thousands more out there who feel the same way.
My question: We have a small group starting a new campaign, and the experience level of the group varies pretty wildly (three genuine first-time players, two more and a DM with a fair amount of experience but no true ‘grognards’). Any advice/tips/tricks on bringing new players along effectively? I’m a little worried about best intentions quarterbacking becoming a stifling effect.I think it’s important not to stifle their creativity or imagination. For example, when I play with children, I try not to feed them ideas or burden them with too much information. As a DM, if I see a player doing too much “coaching” of another player, I’ll say something like, “…but ultimately it’s your decision” or “what would YOU like to do?”from discussion AMA with Chris Perkins (Today at 10:30 AM PST).

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