One thought on “A great way to run Curse of Strahd

  1. D. Walker says:

    That actually could work, if you reverse the overall quest expectations.

    Strahd: “What are you doing in my castle?”

    Party: “We literally woke up here naked! We have no idea how we got here!”

    Strahd: “Lies! You are here as usurpers and spies!”

    Party: “Oh yes! That would explain why we’re naked and confused, right?”

    Strahd: “Hmm. Let us humor you for a moment. If what you say is true, someone brought you here without my knowledge. If they have the power to intrude upon my castle, they must be dealt with. I could kill you now, but that would bring me no closer to discovering this mysterious threat. Therefor, I will spare your lives, but in return you will serve me and work to uncover whomever is responsible for this.”

    Party: “We don’t really any choice. If you’ll let us live, and let us go free when this is all done, then we have no reason not to accept.”

    Strahd: “Agreed. But remember – I will brook no sedition, tolerate no betrayal. My word is law. Isolence will be punished. Harshly. Now, I shall have Kasimir find you some suitable garments and show you to the guest quarters. Expect my summons later. There is bloody work to be done.”

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