If one combatant goes invisible on their action, then moves away, does this trigger an AOO?

4 thoughts on “If one combatant goes invisible on their action, then moves away, does this trigger an AOO?

  1. Dean says:

    I must of read wrong, I thought that if a creature goes invisible and moves through someone’s reach will still trigger Attack of opportunity at disadvantage because their breathing/footsteps reveal its location.
    If the invisible creature was to use stealth and that roll beats the attackers passive perception, then no attack of opportunity.

    Is invisibility really that powerful that it nullifies sound?

    • Jon M. says:

      “When you SEE an enemy …”

      No, invisibility does not nullify sound, but hearing someone run by doesn’t let you see them if they’re invisible either.

  2. JptMitch says:

    Opportunity attack is actually referring to “unseen attackers” and stealth hiding stealth etc…

    invisibility bestows so much in itself on its reading then tells you to read throughout the book on vision light, heavily obscured, blinded, etc… Not a single on of these conditions or statuses mention you may not OA.

    furthermore it states whether your attack misses or hits your location is revealed. An invisible creature can’t
    be seen, so it can always try to hide.
    Signs of its passage might still be noticed, however, and it still has to stay quiet.

    (you lose any “unseen attacker” benefits, this only applies if you were hiding although you remain benefitted from everything else.

    the benefit from invisibility is the constant advantage you gain and constant disadvantaged of the enemy.

    there are more than just 2 senses, However the unseen attacker and targets portion makes clear you only need to be unseen and unheard, which kind of contradicts keen senses and others that grant bonuses on smell, but it doesn’t affect hiding? but w/e can only address so many issues

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