5e Monster Ecology Anthology!

This is a great opportunity for all curious enough to understand How, Where, When, and Why monsters live.
370+ pages
of pure Monster Ecologies like Aarakocra, Angels, Banshee, Cyclops, Death Knight, Demilich, Demons, Devils, Dinosaurs, Dragons, Ghouls, Giants, Half-Dragon, Lycanthrope…

An anthology that expands the background of your adventures based on Physiological Observations, Social Observations, Behavioural Observations, Intra-Species Observations, Variants, and DM Tools & Tactics

Download the awesome free pdf:

Monster Ecology Anthology Document from DnD

4 thoughts on “5e Monster Ecology Anthology!

  1. I like the details, but I kind of wish it would also just have a quick reference thing that listed the usual size of groups, number of leaders per X individuals, number of noncombatant young, etc. like older manuals did.

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