Does Nondetection plus Invisibility beat True Seeing?

3 thoughts on “Does Nondetection plus Invisibility beat True Seeing?

  1. This likely hasty answer is sadly incorrect when time is put towards reading the wording or considering the implications. Greater Invisibility and non-detection would beat many GODS that didn’t have true-seeing inherently or some form of
    AoE to wipe the map, as many melee based Gods, not to mention giants and others, do not. This was a well known exploit in 2e and something Mike Mearls fixed in 5e.

    True-Seeing does not “target” the invisible creature and therefore by wording does not get stopped by non-detection. True-seeing targets a creature (not the invisible one) that gains an ability which allows them to see invisible creatures. Seeing a creature is not the same as targeting it!

    Interestingly, Non-detection does prevent a creature from being buffed by True-seeing.

  2. Erwin says:

    This is why you don’t listen to Jeremy Crawford. He is all over the place with his rulings. Use his tweets as guidance, but the DM is God at his table.

    I tend to agree with Mark’s take on how True Seeing works

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