Disarming attack options

One thought on “Disarming attack options

  1. T says:

    1: DM book disarm: The attack causes no damage. The target drops the object. It does not state the object is dropped at the targets feet. I’d rule the item lands x distance in y direction. Possibly still at its feet, possibly even at yours. If the opponent moves out of your reach to retrieve the object he draws an attack of opportunity.

    2: Fighters Martial disarm: The attack causes damage (improved disarm attack). The object falls to the targets feet.

    In both instances, if your have any subsequent attacks they could be used to push the target away.

    To pick up the weapon I would rule you have to move to the weapon and use the interaction.

    For 1: This may require you to suffer an attack of opportunity if you move out of your opponents range.

    For 2: This would require you move into your opponents space. I would rule this is not possible until he is moved or moves.

    Just what we use to make it more fun 🙂

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