10,000 posts!


My bones are shaking: sageadvice.eu reached 10,000 posts! 🎈🎉

I really can’t believe, when I start this amazing journey I had no idea where it would take me!
Ten thousand. Crazy. 🤪
Putting helpful content out in the world is something that make me feel better as a human being, I made some great new friends, strengthened my love for Dungeons&Dragons and received compliments from designers and from the community: it’s a joy meet you and hear “Thank you Zoltar!” It touch my italian heart 🇮🇹

Now you have 10,000 posts about our favourite game, a searchable “Virtual library” with Questions&Answers about rules, advices on how to play or DMing, rules options, jokes and writing inspiration.

Obviously, without our beloved D&D Rock Stars this would not have been possible, so Grazie to Jeremy Crawford, Mike Mearls, Chris Perkins, Ed Greenwood, Matt Mercer, Adam Lee, Chris Lindsay,Nathan Stewart, Keith Baker, James Wyatt, Richard Whitters, Joe Maganiello, Satine Phoenix, Jetpack7, Chris Sims, Rodney Thompson, R.A.Salvatore, Shawn Wood, Chris Seaman, Tyler Jacobson, Chris Rahn, Emi Tanji and Kate Welch.

This journey is one of the most incredible thing that ever happened to me and now I’ve been invited to join the D&D IN A CASTLE experience as DM, playing in a real castle in Europe!🏰

If you like Sage Advice a little donation would help me to continue my work with a smile 😊
Your humble sage Zoltar 🔮

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