If Volo and Elminster were ever to marry…

Ed’s Eel

Will Gnolls be available as a playable race in Volo’s Guide to Monsters?

Will Volo’s Guide have handy tables for monsters by CR and habitat?

Is Volo’s guide going to be expanded information on monsters?

The sample alternative cover for Volo’s Guide to Monsters from hydro74!

Volo’s Guide to Monsters: Questions&Answers – FAQ


I’ve collected some tweets from our beloved Masters about the famous Volothamp Geddarm and his Guide to Monsters.
Have fun.

During Meltdown comics presentation:

“In the fall, will be releasing Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Volo Geddarm is an expert in realms lore, and share it with everyone. Elminster edited the document before it went to press. They don’t like each other. Tons of lore and classic monsters, like Mind Flayers and Yuan Ti. Bringing more life to them – story details on their background, lore, and mythology. Will add over 100 new monsters for 5th edition. Also giving you options to play monstrous character races like tritons and firbolgs. Will be printing a limited run of books with alternate cover by “hydro74” (shows picture of B&W mind flayer art on screen). Alternate cover only available in game stores, but the text is the same.

Chris Perkins:
That’s an experiment. If it does well, we’ll do it again.