Shield and Improvised Weapon

A shield isn’t a weapon. Otherwise the Duelist style wouldn’t work with a shield, which Sage Advice says it can.

An improvised weapon is a weapon. It’s right there in the name: Improvised WEAPON. If a shield is an IW then no Duelist

So now I can have Duelist +2 dmg, Shield +2 AC, AND a second IW attack? Yes/no?

The shield is an IW off-hand. Attack #1 longsword, bonus action attack #2 with shield. In attack #1, Duelist is satisfied?
During my Longsword attack, is the Duelist condition satisfied? Then I make an off-hand IW attack on my bonus with shield.

One thought on “Shield and Improvised Weapon

  1. Ben says:

    The feature that is built into the rules stating that you can use your bonus action to make an improvised weapon or unarmed attack with your bonus action if you have used your action to attack. Please clarify without asking a question to a question if I am incorrect but I feel it reads fairly clearly on this point.

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