You roll a natural 1 with a bow, what happens?

2 thoughts on “You roll a natural 1 with a bow, what happens?

  1. PyroArrow says:

    I typically use the fumble table from Dragon magazine (Vol. 5, #01; Critical Hits and Bad Misses. P. 34-45). If the roll doesn’t match what would typically happen with a bow user then I would roll to see if the archer either fumbled with the arrow and it drops or clumsily misfires in a 1d8 compass direction up to 1d10 ft away or that the archerstumbled and then rolls a dexterity roll to stay on his/her feet or fall prone for 1d4 combat rounds.

    • PyroArrow says:

      I forgot about the string breaking, so there is that too. So, roll a D8 first to decide: 1-2 = shoot hits closest ally, 3-4 = fumbled arrow, 5-6 = archer stumbles, 7-8 = String breaks

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