Would an Echo Knight’s echo provide flanking advantage?

2 thoughts on “Would an Echo Knight’s echo provide flanking advantage?

  1. Charles Pettigrew says:

    If the Echo knight attacks through the echo and his ally is positioned so he could flank, would he get the flanking advantage?

    I understand he cant use the echo to get advantage with himself and the echo wouldnt grant his ally advantage, but would the echo knight get it if he chooses to originate his attacks from the echoes position?

    If the echo is in a position where he would get the flanking bonus if he were a creature?

    It seems if the monster would be distracted by the ally, and the knight is making the attacks THROUGH the rcho it should work?

    • Alex K says:

      I agree with this reasoning. Echo Knight gains NO flank advantage if the echo is opposed to the enemy (because the echo is NOT an “ally” itself (it’s basically just a shimmering “portal”)). BUT if the E.K. chooses to originate their attack(s) from the echo’s location, then the presence of the E.K. themselves must grant the flank advantage to the EK.’s attacks which originate from the echo’s position, given the E.K. themselves are acting an ally to their own attack(s) originating from the echo location.

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