Why is College of Sword the same as College of Valor ?

One thought on “Why is College of Sword the same as College of Valor ?

  1. If I may chime in here, though its really late from what i have seen. Bard College of Valor, and College of Swords are very similar in the fact that they act as more martial based bards, with one key difference in theme. The Valor Bards main purpose (as far as inspiration goes) is to act as a sort of tactical support/commander during a battle bolstering his allies AC and Damage ontop of normal uses for inspiration. Where as a Swords bard is much more based on giving basic support but being a frontline fighter for those who really wanna get aggressive but still have the capability to support. For people who enjoy being able to be aggressive and up front fighting I would recommend college of swords, for those who want to take more of a support or tactical strategist id recommend valor bards.

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