Why Ability score improvement is based on each class level?

5 thoughts on “Why Ability score improvement is based on each class level?

      • John M Crovis says:

        A little better, but it’s still a short flippant answer. Why bother answering the question at all unless you’re are going to provide a full answer?

        Players *like* to know the game designers’ reasoning. Curiosity about how something works or why it was designed a certain way is natural. Shutting down that natural curiosity is off-putting and frustrating.

        • tideoftime says:

          Seconding your posts. While a number of JC’s posts are very useful/helpful, ones like these are so backhandedly useless it’s positively infuriating. His not-an-answer-answer comes across as dismissive, regardless of his intent.

        • Lyrl Westrum says:

          It puts a small dampener on level dipping, which is enough. It’s enough of a disadvantage that lets you choose a captstone, instead of multiclassiong.

          Given how terrible most capstones are, it makes sense.

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