7 thoughts on “Well, the panther’s out of the bag, so to speak… Drizzt Do’Urden Figure!

  1. PyroArrow says:

    Ha! Looks more like a bootleg of a skinny Thanos! Drow Elves have Shiny Black skin and some have purple irises! This is a hard pass!

  2. Lana Hutchings says:

    I agree but they should be black with long white hair at least that’s what’s in all the books that I have read and I have read them all at least 20 times a piece I love Salvatore books and Drizzt is my favorite thank you

  3. Lana Hutchings says:

    I have left one comment but I would like to leave another how do I go about getting one of these I don’t want to call them toys but I would love to have one of these with Drizzt and guenhwyvar thank you

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