Want to create a ninja-esque dart/shuriken thrower for D&D

One thought on “Want to create a ninja-esque dart/shuriken thrower for D&D

  1. D. Walker says:

    5th Edition, folks!

    A high level Fighter can pull an arrow from a quiver, knock it, draw their bow, and loose the arrow at a target up to EIGHT TIMES IN A SINGLE ROUND…

    …but the exact same fighter can’t throw more than TWO daggers per round! (And needs to take a Feat to be able to do it with empty hands at round start.)


    This is also the same system where a drunken, blind-folded gnome slumped over the back of a horse on their stomache, wielding an axe far too large for them, is just as effective at swing their weapon as anyone else…

    …so long as they take the Mounted Combatant feat, and attack non-Large foes.

    Drunk = Poisoned, disadvantage. Blind, disadvantage. Prone, disadvantage. Small Creature w/ Heavy Weapon, disadvantage.

    Mounted Combatant + Foe Smaller Size Than Horse, advantage.

    Disadvantage x4 + Advantage = All Cancel Out, Normal Attack Roll

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