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Adam Bradford DnDBeyond: “I’m going to be honest: this was really hard to look at from a data perspective right, so what I mean by that is it’s hard to figure out exactly how to chop this data up for it to be the most meaningful that we can make it all right.
These are all campaigns where party members and characters within that campaign are taking hit point adjustments, so that’s one of the best senses that we have that something is actually being played”.

3 thoughts on “Top Party Composition by Campaign – DnDBeyond

  1. Nathan says:

    How to better display this data
    Group in to number of players then class distrabushion:
    3 players (10%)
    -claric, fighter, and ranger 30%

    4 players (50%)
    … And on

    The way the data is shown now is a bit unreadable
    Look at the 7 player game are they all even or are they not. The 8 player game looks like the most popular tho I deal it should be 4 or 5 player games

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