There seems to be a lack of official support for crafting…

One thought on “There seems to be a lack of official support for crafting…

  1. D. Walker says:

    A quick bit of googling would reveal to Mr. Crawford that a lot of people have analyzed the 5E crafting rules in depth and found them quite lacking.

    The same goes for similar rules like running a business during downtime. (For some reason, it’s more profitable to own a bunch of small businesses instead of one large one. This happens because for some reason all businesses share the profit potential in flat gold amounts, instead of making profit based off how much upkeep goes into a given business.)

    You’d think that WoTC would actually bother to pay someone to pay attention to what the community response to the rules they put out actually is. This stuff really isn’t hard to find.

    Some of the rules in the DMG seem so poorly thought out it’s incredible, and now all this time later, WoTC still isn’t aware theres’ discontent about their quality?

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