The Hermit: A new ship battlemap!

DOWNLOAD NOW The Hermit Ship Battlemap

DOWNLOAD NOW The Hermit Ship Battlemap

One thought on “The Hermit: A new ship battlemap!

  1. Kevin Lowe says:

    If you play a centaur Monk who is at least level 9, do you spend 4 feet for ever 1 foot of vertical surface you travel on? It’s for “climbing” but at improved unarmored movement it says your gain the ability to move on vertical surfaces without falling.
    Imo it means you have 100% wall climbing via normal running as is intended or via cool monk moves, but you are being dex based and swift with your parkor meaning you cant end your turn there. So i’m not sure how to rule this because i just can’t see it making sense, i want it to so i can always just DM rule it but i want to know what others think or get some sage advice! 😀

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