The artificer, a master of magical invention is returned with Arcane Science, Alchemist, Artillerist and Infusions… and a new spell.



  1. John Leslie White says:

    I have to say, I’m not a fan. I loved the Thunder Cannon, and was hoping to use it when I eventually played. This version seems…. lacking. No real flavour or style. Mechanically it may be superior to what came before, but I prefer the original.
    Why was it changed so radically, was it a settings issue, or was the original un-salvageable? If the former is the original still usable for none AL games, and if not what would you personally change?

    • John Leslie White says:

      It’s the change in style I think. The original Artificer was actually making something, vials of potions, weapons, even a construct. This new one is just another caster, the only difference is the focus they use.

  2. Shane Thrapp says:

    Well, that is 100% disappointing. Y’all really should have worked with Kibble’s Tasty Artificer, this is completely underwhelming.
    Come on guys… I love y’all, but y’all can do better than this.

  3. James Fineman says:

    Due to how.. awful.. the new Artificer is, a couple of my friends and I have decided to make a brand-new class. 5E has been a real hit for me, but this was just a huge, disappointing MISS.

  4. Tanner J. Burnside says:

    I disagree, I like the new class. It certainly is different, and yes it is a casting class, but when I play tested a version, I narrated everything I did coming from my tool-belt. That made me feel like I wasn’t just another caster even though they are the same mechanics as spells. It’s all in the narration anyway.

    My biggest problem with the old one was that it seemed under powered in comparison to spell casting. This gave me the tech vibe I was jonesing for, without the disappointment of feeling useless.

    This version with the infusions makes me feel like the party’s guy for whatever they need. “Need a magic weapon, I got you. Need some more maneuverability? I got you. Need a bit more AC? I got you. Need a bag of holding? I got you.”

    It feels super versatile and effective. Granted I used an artillerist. The alchemist does seem like just lack luster cleric and there was certainly more to be wanted from that subclass, but I love the Artillerist. If my DM allows, I’m gonna keep playing it.

    • John Leslie White says:

      I get the infusion thing, that does look good,but the spell casting… I could, and indeed have done the same thing with a Wizard, asked the DM if I could play one as a Mad scientist (Fireball was a couple of vials a threw for example), but that didn’t make him an Artificer, the crafting of items does that, and I don’t really get that feel from the class.

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