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Paladin javelin

Question: If a 13th level Paladin (+5 prof, -1 Dex, +5 Str) chooses to use a Javelin as a melee weapon how should the “to hit” bonus be properly calculated?
Tough Rich
PHB p.147 “If the weapon is a melee weapon, you use the same ability modifier for that attack roll and damage roll that you would use for a melee attack with the weapon.”
So you can use your str instead dex. Total will be +10

Can you cast a bonus action spell and attack?

As a cleric can I do the following: cast level 1 healing word as a bonus action spell, draw my mace, move 20ft and then attack? Or as a paladin: cast thunderous smite, move 20ft, attack, move 10ft through a doorway and close the door shut.

Biggest question, can you cast a bonus action spell and attack?

I am having a hard time determining how a bonus action is created for spells. Does simply preparing a casting time 1 bonus action spell create either the bonus action or the scenario to use a bonus action?

My friend and I are trying to figure out how a bonus action is created as there are very few situations that explicitly state that something can be used as a bonus action. Spells do not explicitly state that the are being cast as a bonus action, but are cast at the speed of a bonus action for their casting time. At least thats how its being interpretted.

Are bonus actions always present or are they only created when a situation arises where you can use one?
Brainy Mike
PHB p. 189 “You can take a bonus action only when a special ability, spell, or other feature of the game states that you can do something as a bonus action. You otherwise don’t have a bonus action to take.”

“…and anything that deprives you of your ability to take actions also prevents you from taking a bonus action.”
So if action is prevented bonus action is not possible.
Here are some answers from Maser Jeremy

Bonus action

Action and Bonus Action

You’ve got it right . Bonus action cast if that’s the casting time , draw as part of move , action to attack . Same with paladin scenario if that smite is a bonus action . Yes you can use bonus and use a normal action to attack. You can even use a bonus action to cast , and cast again with your normal action , if the latter is a cantrip

Warlock specific beats general

Oh Wize Zoltar, I have a conundrum re: Book of Ancient Secrets invocation.

After the initial 2 rituals (which can be selected from any class’ spell list), are the only rituals that a warlock is able to copy into his Tome those from the warlock’s spell list?
RAW seems a bit ambiguous: “On your adventures, you can add other ritual spells to your Book of Shadows. When you find such a spell, you
can add it to the book if the spell’s level is equal to or
less than half your warlock level (rounded up) and if you
can spare the time to transcribe the spell.” It explicitly lists 2 limitations there and fails to limit which class list the rituals can come from. The sole mention of list limitation in the ability description is from the first half, wherein it establishes no limitation: “Choose two 1st-level spells that have the ritual tag from ANY class’s spell list.” (PHB, p. 110)

As a player, this ‘specific-beats-general’ (SBG) seems open and shut. However, my DM (justifiably) pointed out a *different* SBG when it comes to scrolls: “If the spell is on your class’s spell list, you can use an action to read the scroll and cast its spell without having to provide any of the spell’s components. Otherwise, the scroll is unintelligible.” (DMG, p. 200).
Does this only apply to scrolls or to enemy spellbooks as well?

We all know SBG but what happens when it’s S v S?

tl;dr – My warlock has smitten several evil wizards and taken their spellbooks wherein there are spells with the ritual tag but that are not on the warlock spell list. She has also gained several scrolls of spells with the ritual tag. Can she copy them into her Tome by virtue of the “ritual” tag?
Supreme Kurt
In SBG question scrolls are general rules for all magic classes while warlock book of ancient secrets is specific rule only for your class.
So, I’d rule that your warlock can copy any spell from any class’s spell list.

Monk unarmed melee weapon

This is an interestign discussion on Sage Advice on Facebook. If you like you can also post a question there.

I’m not sure if this is how or where to submit the question, but I could not find anywhere on the webpage to ask a new question, and this won’t fit on Twitter. So, monk martial arts says three things:

1) The monk gets to use Dex instead of Str for unarmed strikes and monk weapons. This is clearly a SUBSTITUTION and thus applies in any case where Str would have created a bonus.

2) You CAN (but do not have to) roll the martial arts damage dice instead of the normal 1 dmg for unarmed strikes or the normal damage for the monk weapon. This is an optional substitution, and I note it does not say roll the martial arts damage dice plus the dex/str bonus.

3) When a monk makes an unarmed strike or monk weapon attack, the monk may make an unarmed strike attack as a bonus action.

So, thus far, if my level 3 monk kicks someone, the monk gets to do a d4 instead of 1 damage due to Rule 2 above. Further, my monk can add either Str or Dex bonus to the attack, whichever is better due to Rule 1. Finally, the monk can add the Str or Dex bonus to damage as well, also due to Rule 1. The question arises with the bonus attack supplied by Rule 3.

Two-weapon fighting (p. 195) says that when you attack with a light weapon, you can attack with another light weapon but without the damage bonus from the ability modifier. The only way to get that modifier is if you have the fighter-type dual weapon style.

So, when my level three monk goes to make his follow-up unarmored strike allowed by rule three, does she get to add her Dex to the strike’s damage like she does with the first attack? (There are two ways of seeing this: You can see it as the monk getting the dual weapon style for unarmed strikes without the book saying so explicitly, or you can see it as the loss of the ability modifier from the two-weapon rule only applying to WEAPONS.) Or does the fist used in an unarmed strike count as a melee weapon, and thus the monk does not get the ability damage bonus on the bonus action attack?

Follow-up: If the two-weapon rule is limited only to weapons and not fists, does that mean that Joe Fighter (level 1) who most certainly has two fists, can choose to attack in a given round with each of them just like if he were holding two shortswords, but then, because fists don’t have the two-weapon-bonus-attack-loss-of-ability-bonus-damage rule, does he also get to add his Str to the damage for both punches? In other words, if fists are weapons, does that mean everyone can a) dual wield fists and b) get the appropriate ability damage bonus to both punches?

I know this was long, sorry about that. Thanks.
Strong MoDan
Don’t worry about lenght of your questions, this is the right place.
I hope to give you the right answer, otherwise I encourage people to give you “the sage advice”.
I start your answer with PHB p.7 golden rule: “Specific Beats General”
In this case “Specific” is Martial Arts description in PHB p.78 that beats “General” Two-weapon fighting combat rule PHB p.195.
Unarmed strike is not considered a light weapon as Master Mike write:

Unarmed strike light

is an attack that you can make in a bonus action, so Yes you can add dex or str as first attack.
Is like fighetr extra attack but fighter can make it in the attack action while monk can do it in bonus action.
About Joe fighter, yes he has 2 fists and two feet and an hard head too but all this parts are not considered multiple weapons but just unarmed strike (PHB p.149 table) that Joe can use normally once in a turn.
Take a look to Master Jeremy answer
Finally my advice is to read some advice about Unarmed combat
“Namo Mituo Fo”

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Difference between Perception and Investigation skill

Of all the skills, Perception and Investigation seem to have the subtlest distinction. Is there a rule of thumb when to use each?

Regal Matt
here some wise advice from our Masters…/04/08/perception-and-investigat…/

Investigation use

Thank you, O Wise Sage. I just found this on Reddit, and it really helped me, so sharing here for anyone else that’s curious:

Perception – You scan the room and notice a section of wall is discolored, appearing somewhat newer than the rest of the wall. You realize it may be a secret passage.

Investigation – You probe the wall, knocking on it, pushing at various stones trying to figure out how to open the passage.

Duergar Enlarge

When Duergar are normal sized they have a speed of 25. Does this increase when they are enlarged? Also, when they throw their javelins while enlarged, do the javelins return to normal size upon leaving the Duergar’s hand thus only doing the normal 1d6 +2 damage on a successful hit instead of the 2d6 +2 due to being enlarged? Epic Sean,
I’ll increase duergar speed and javelin dimension, but according to Enlarge spell (PHB p. 237) “Any item dropped by an affected creature returns to normal size at once.”
As DM I’d rule throw javelins as described in Duergar Actions Stats and after one minute javelin return its normal size.