Player’s Handbook Variants explained by Jeremy – Unearthed Arcana

PHB Variants: Where does that leave the ranger capstone ability Foe Slayer if you no longer have favored enemies?

PHB Variants: Sorcerers don’t get True Polymorph it Shapechange

Rune Knight: Connecting the runes to the properties of giant subraces makes no sense to me. Is that based on some old module or something?

PHB Variants: So, how does Monk Weapons work since Monks are only proficient with Shortsword and Simple weapons?

UA So Pact of the Talisman replaces Tome, Chain or Blade?

PHB Variants: disappointed that so many of the added sorcerer spells are fire based

How UA ‘Class Feature Variants’ change D&D Classes – DnDBeyond