Blood Hunter class: can I diabolic channel Scorching ray at 3rd lvl to hit four times with one roll?

Blood Hunter Supernal Surge

You can download Blood Hunter class here:

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Blood Hunter Class Amplify feature

You can download Blood hunter class here:

The Blood Hunter Class v1.3 aka Vin Diesel Witch Hunter

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Lord Matthew Mercer has completed his personal Dungeons&Dragons 5e Class
You can download the latest version 1.3 here:

This is a summary of the changes in Blood Hunter version 1.3:

  • Crimson Rite
  • Blood Maledict
  • Dark Velocity
  • Order of the Ghostslayer
  • Order of the Profane Soul

You can dig Changes and Clarifications here


The Blood Hunter v1.2 – Vin Diesel


An update from Lord Matthew Mercer and his Blood Hunter Class aka Vin DieselWitch Hunter

You can download new version 1.2 here:

If you need advice from his creator you can check here the previous article: