Psionic and The Mystic part II Questions & Answers


Mind Melders!

I’ve collected all tweet Questions about Psionic Unearthed Arcana, with answers from designers Master Mike Mearls and Jeremy Crawford.

Just a note, this is playtest material is not final, Master Mike wants to stress rules and have your feedbacks from the next survey, probably you’ll see a third and fourth version of Psionic before will be official.
Remember: this is the same method used for 5th edition rules, the best rules ever created.













 Questions&Answers – FAQ Update1


Dungeon Masters!
After the tasty reddit AMA there are a lot of unsolved Questions about this new website called Dungeon Master Guild.
I’ve spent some days collectings all tweets about you can find common (uncommon and rare) questions answered by Mike Mearls and Chris Perkins.
Hope this helps to create the ultimate content for the best game ever made.
Have fun.

UPDATE 28 Jan 2016

– End update 28 Jan 2016 –