Is there a particular spell, or series thereof, that might give a book infinite pages?

Is there a chance for a Chosen of Mystra to be evil-natured, or are they exclusively non-evil?

Would you be so generous as to lay a little Gwaeron lore on us all as a bit of fun?

Why is there such a detailed system for dragon capturing and selling in the 1987 FR campaign set?

If a dragon had its mouth held shut, while an ally was inside its mouth, would it be able to use its breath attack inside its mouth?

Do you think the Sundering would have resulted in an uptick in worshippers of Talos or supplicants to his doomsayer priests?

I know that time travel is all but impossible, is there any possible way for beings/individuals from alternate timelines to appear in “our” Forgotten Realms timeline?

Who are the current leaders of the Waterdeep City Watch?