If I wanted to learn mote about the Forgotten Realms geological features, where would you suggest i start looking?

One of the player characters is a dwarf who I suggested should masquerade as a member of one of the local Mirabarran merchant houses…

Is Myth tangible or are there myth Melee weapons? Can Myth be transported or essential recast in a different region

Mystra has that particular type of chosen. What about the other gods of magic, such as Eilistraee or Azuth? They share the Weave with Mystra, don’t they?

I was wondering what is the current situation with the Promenade and its priestesses?

Are there some way do take some kind of photography in the Forgotten Realms?

Someone who does not worship Shar, can draw on the Shadow Weave. Why would AO care about the weave?