Whatever happened with the Magister of Mystra? And would it be possible for a newcomer to claim that title in lore?

Hi Ed, can you tell me a bit about the ecology of the Aranea?

What’s your view on a non-magically inclined family adopting a girl for her magical ability so they can “grow their own Red Wizard”?

Do Elminster know who runs the Neverwinter Nights broadsheet around 1480 DR?

I have a player in my group that suffers from Aphantasia. I was wondering if you have any artwork that you use for the leaders of Forgotten Realms

Are differance in names among Moonsea nobility, and commoner? What might some given and family names be?

How would you describe the differences between Forgotten Realms Deserts?

Tell me anything about the followers of Myrkul and how they operate?