What would be the elven word for “reverie” and while you are at it “eternal” would be very useful too

Ed Greenwood’s first article detailing the Cult of the Dragon, seems to present it as an alternative to Krynn’s treatment of dragons

The Westgate noble families: CORMAERIL

In Waterdeep and the North Hlam is mentioned. Is the White Master of Dragons a monk tournament title or a position of authority over White Dragons?

I was just reading about Haela Brightaxe, whose portfolio is luck in battle. I am wondering if she has any lore connection with Tymora or Beshaba? An ally, rival, or unassociated?

The Westgate noble families: VHAMMOS

Sardior is still active in the Realms, but does he have any particular mission, other than simply knowing more?

What kind of cuss would a frustrated Waukeenian swear?