Was there a place in Forgotten Realms where humans and giants had some kind of co-existence?

I’m starting to write a book that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. It takes place in the Forgotten Realms scenary and I don’t know if it is legal to publish something like that

Can you use a portable hole or bag of holding, in Silverymoon without a token?

Might you share some instances where Elminster spells have gone spectacularly awry, to comedic effect?

We all know the elven empires are largely gone, Is there any effort by elves in general to rebuild new cities after so many failed attempts to claim?

How many magical items does Dagult Neverember have?

Do you have an insights on the fashion of Drow cities where the majority of the population is not Lolthite?

When Gilgeam ruled Unther, did he rule it in person, through one of his avatars or through his priesthood?