What kind of ritual might a Feywild-native eladrin need to perform to open a doorway between Faerun&theFeywild?

How many dukes (or duchies) of Tethyr there are during the current 1490s (5th Edition) era?

I’m converting a worm that walks as a blessed servitor of Myrkul. Any thoughts or suggestions?

What the circumstances behind Manshoon somehow convincing his first beholder ally to work with him and not just destroy him?

Besides Bleucorundum and Malaeragoth are there any other Sapphire Dragons we don’t know about in the Forgotten Realms?

What happened to Dagult Neverember? He seamed like such a Good person…

Ed Greenwood Sold the Forgotten Realms for $5,000

I read somewhere that you were one of the ones who came up with Aragrakh for 3E D&D?