Perchance Blackule Lane in Neverwinter is located in the Blacklake District?

Phaerimm/Sharn conflict and Malaugrym manipulations would define the world’s narrative… but they seem to be cameo players in FR, why?

Chult: What lies on the close-by islands of Mother-of-Mists? pt1

Why would Kenku criminal organization set their sights on Triboar?

I’m currently running Lost Mine of Phandelver so no idea what ‘time period’ I’m playing in

Is there a plan to add some more factions or refine the existing ones?

Comment Hello Mr. Mearls, is there a plan to add some more factions or refine the existing ones? I feel like the 4 AL factions are very boring compared to factions in other games and the only 2 that really have development are Harpers and Zhents. I really enjoyed the way Planescape did factions so possibly look into that setting for inspiration.

I really like Eberron and wish there was some official support in 5e. Would you consider opening some of them up for DM’s Guild? I know Keith Baker said he was waiting for Eberron to be open and I would LOVE to see more stuff from my favorite setting.

Anyways, I love 5e. Thanks for releasing such consistantly awesome products and bringing together all the tables I DM!

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Touched on Eberron elsewhere.

The FR factions are fairly underutilized. We’ve talked about a revision to make them all as interesting as the Harpers and Zhents. Nothing specific to talk about yet. from discussion AMA: Mike Mearls, D&D Creative Director.

Any insight into how/where a half Drow could survive in the Underdark?