Can you tell me more about the halfling metal, Dalrun? Where are the clay filled banks its dug from?

Was Veldorn a land of monsters ruled by “beast chiefs” with a vampire overlord?

How would you characterise the difference in behaviour and practice between Myrkulytes, Cyricists, and Bhaalites, when their respective deities held dominion over death/the dead?

The ancient demonbinders of Narfell. Did they summon only demons or other types of fiends as well?

If druid’s companion, polar bear, perished at Chult, could druid gain the new bear after 24-hour praying, if there’s no polar bears at Chult?

If a mortal doesn’t worship a specific deity in life, they are not Faithless

I’m writing about cultivating roses in Forgotten Realms. Common Bloodrose, Mourning Rose, Daylight Rose, Creeper Rose, Sunset Rose… Am I forgetting any important ones?