Does the iron guard enchantment protect against other non-magical metal weapons?

What makes Bane/Clergy of Bane this much powerful?

In Tolkien’s Middle Earth we have Durin, do the Dwarves from Forgotten Realms have that kind of figure?

Storm King’s Thunder: the All-Father Annam broke the Ordning, why AO didn’t intervene Annam?

Boareskyr Bridge: I noticed that in Volo’s Guide to the Sword Coast it mentioned that there is a permanent structure, Bridgefort but the 3e Serpent Kingdoms doesnt have any mentions of it. Any reason why?

Would the Batrachi and Aearee have an ability similar to the sarrukh in that they can actively reshape the races they made?

I’ve been reading some old lore books and I cannot find the specialization of Ioulaum

What’s between Waterdeep and Rassalanter?