Ruins of Undermountain, ROOM #20: THE GRIM STATUE Shall the origins and desecration of the Grime Statue remain shrouded in mystery for all time?

Is there a “God of mailman/mail” in the Forgotten Realms?

What have been the major changes in Waterdeep from AD&D times to 5e times (ca 1360’s to 1490s)?

Who got together to make up the Drow language in the Forgotten Realms?

Just wondering if there are any locations in the Forgotten Realms with lots of small Islands that are too small to show up on the continental scale maps of the realms?

What was the surname of Halvan “the Dark” of Halfaxe Trail fame?

Do the Netherese have a concept of noble bloodlines and houses?

Who was the most famous paladin of Tyr?