Thoughts on Jarlaxle leveraging the greatly diminished property values of Mistshore to buy up space and attract investors?

When Mystra chooses someone as her chosen, what criteria, test, or quests does she use to prove someone’s worth?

Can you tell us a little about Ebondeath and Strongor Bonebag?

How is the Harper city of Berdusk, and what are the struggles it’s going through in the 1490s DR?

Did the Babrises (from the Drizzt Neverwinter novels) survive the destruction of Neverwinter?

Not familiar with the term, what kingdoms make up the Border Kingdoms?

Is there a non-theistic religion in the Forgotten Realms that doesn’t automatically result in being slapped on the Wall of the Faithless?

What is the average size of tracks in the Forgotten Realms like the Dusk Road?