Forgotten Realms: The First Tale of Mirt In the Time After the Sundering

ADVENTURERS, are you looking for Realms lore?!

Master Ed Greenwood, the creator of the Forgotten Realms , recounts a beautiful tale of the first FR character: Mirt the Moneylender!

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A story about Waterdeep’s oldest living Lord in the days after the novel Death Mask, in Ormpur, the city of Saffron… ALL THINGS THROUGH THE BRIGHT FLAMES!

Curses of the Forgotten Realms


I’ve found an interesting article written by Master Ed Greenwood about curse of the Forgotten Realms after the Sundering.

  • The House of Velarr
  • Althur’s Spidergout
  • Balarthran’s Recurring Profanity
  • Cloahkaudra’s Follicular Fury
  • Hanra’s Leaking Liquescence
  • Jarrakal’s Hallucinations
  • Jonatha’s Clumsiness
  • Metalbane
  • Zult’s Unquiet Slumber

Here the full description of these curse spells that you can use instead Bestow Curse spell :