Why are your rulings official for D&D but not adventure league?

5th edition Character Creation Outline

I’ve found this simple and useful guide draw by A.G.H.
This could help your newbie players to focus on 5 simple steps to create a character.
Click on the image and Have Fun.

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Podcast Mike Mearls, Chris Lindsay on Dungeon Masters Guild

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Our Masters are talking about the new dungeonmasterguild.com 


Official Errata for Monster Manual and Dungeon Master’s Guide


At Last Master Jeremy released the Official Errata for MM and DMG for Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition

Some of the important changes for Monster Manual:

  • Damage Resistances/Immunities
  • New rules for Legendary Creatures
  • Ancient Dragon revised XP
  • Death Knight undead nature
  • Empyrean XP
  • Flame skull immunities
  • Half -Dragon hard revised
  • Intellect Devourer 
  • Rakshasa immunities
  • Vampire spelcaster


Dungeon Master’s Guide changes:

  • Crafting a Magic Item
  • Attunement
  • Magic Weapons
  • Gauntlets of Ogre Power
  • Spell Scroll
  • Wand of Paralysis
  • Combining Game Effects
  • Poison, contact, inhaled, Injury
  • Monster XP Table


One more thing: there’s a new Sage Advice Compendium 1.05 that has also been updated here


You can download directly here:





Say Thank You to your Dungeon Master!

Today is an important day to say “Thank You

Say thank you to your DM, a special person that spend time to tell you a story, your story.


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