Bar fight!

Beast Master Ranger balance

Sage Advice: Master Jeremy is right, it depends on context and your DM campaign.
If your adventure is in a multi level mega dungeon could be an hard task for Rangers, Druids and, if dungeon is very narrow, casters that can’t use their area effects/long distance spells.
But the problem could be similar in a city, where is more important to be sneaky or charismatic : area effect caster or Barbarians could be very cumbersome.

So my advice is to talk with your DM before campaign start and decide together wich classes could be better for all of you.

Blind fog

 Sage Advice: If you want to manage Advatages and Disadvantage rules you can find a good examples in Dungeon Master’s Guide p.239/234.
Advatages and Disadvantage rules are in Player’sHandbook p.173