Cthulhu? Thor and Loki? Elric? Deities & Demigods!


World builders!
This is the old but gold book about D&D Deities, heroes and Mythos, only here you can find official Dungeons&Dragons:

  • Cthulhu stats and Mythos
  • Elric of Melniboné stats and Gods Pantheon
  • Thor and Loki stats and all Norse Mythos
  • King Arthur and Merlin stats
  • Gilgamesh Hero stats

And you can buy and download here:


One thought on “Cthulhu? Thor and Loki? Elric? Deities & Demigods!

  1. Doug Bailey says:

    The PDF version sold on D&D Classics is the later 128-page printing, without the Cthulhu Mythos or Melnibonéan Mythos, so you may confuse a few readers with the references to those two mythoi.

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