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  1. Confused Trickster says:

    Does the level 13 Arcane Trickster feature, Versatile Trickster, allow you to move your Mage Hand and Distract a foe for advantage in one bonus action? Or do you need to have the Hand in place at the start of your turn in order to get the advantage in the same turn?

    • Zoltar says:

      Epic Trickster

      Mage Hand follow all the spell rules so each time you use it you can move the hand up to 30 feet, so in this “area” you can move and use Mage abitlities (as distracting)

  2. DM-Lexar says:

    Immortal sage,

    Please use your infinite wisdom to clarify me one thing about the lucky feat. When you have it do you always roll a seperate die and then choose to use a luck point, or you first spend your luck point in order to roll the extra die?

    • Zoltar says:

      Noble Lexar

      PHB p.167 LUCKY “You can choose to spend one of your luck points after you roll the die but before the outcome is determined.”

      • DM-Lexar says:

        Master Sage,

        This is where we get confuced. Seems like a player with the lucky feat can take any attack roll or saving throw, rolling two dices. If he see a high roll on the luck die he and only then spends a luck point.
        On the opposite side if he wants to roll a die of an opponent he must spend the luck point first and then decide if he wishes to resolve via the DM’s or his die.

        So to clarify my question. When a player with the lucky feat makes an attack roll, does he roll one die for his normal attack and one for his “perhaps to use” lucky, or he MUST spend a lucky point in order to do it?

        • Duncan The DM says:

          This is how lucky should play out.

          1) You roll 1(or 2 if you have advantage/disadvantage) d20 for whatever reason.

          2) Observe the result of the dice roll. Decide if you think the roll is what you want or not.

          3) If you decide the roll is not what you want, you can SPEND a point of lucky, and add a dice roll. You then choose which dice you want Add modifiers, inform the DM what you got.

          4) The DM informs you of success or failure.

          You do not constantly roll a lucky dice all the time, you spend the point, THEN roll the dice. Constantly rolling the dice would be cheating without expending a luck point as per RAW.

          The sages excerpt points to this.

          “You can choose to spend one of your luck points after you roll the die but before the outcome is determined”

          In your situation, the person is:
          1) Rolling the dice at the same time as the normal dice roll
          2) Not spending the point before the roll

          Which is contrary to the excerpt.

  3. Undead Madness says:

    Would a player character vampire be affected by madness (from DMG)? And/Or does being undead help them in any way against madness effects?

  4. David Duvall says:

    If a spellcaster has the Fighter’s Action Surge how do the rules for casting multiple spells apply? If Healing Word for example is cast as a bonus action, would the 1st action be the only one limited to a cantrip or would the additional action as well? Just as a full example of a Cleric/Figher, could the player cast Healing Word, Sacred Flame, and Guiding Bolt; or would the player be limited to Healing Word, Sacred Flame, and a 2nd cantrip or a 2nd Sacred Flame?

    • conallcurach says:

      Once you cast a bonus action spell, you cannot cast a spell of 1st level or higher with an action for the rest of that turn, even if you gain extra actions from another feature. You’d have to fire a second cantrip with your Action Surge.

    • conallcurach says:

      No, spells must be cast with the action type that they require. Actions are not convertible or interchangeable in 5th edition. Reaction spells can only be cast with your reaction, and bonus action spells can only be cast with your bonus action.

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