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  1. Bertrand says:

    The Storm Sorceror’s Tempestuous Magic can be used with a bonus action “immediately before or after you cast a spell of 1st level or higher”. Does the part about casting a spell require you to use up a spell slot, or do the following methods also qualify for this: Casting from an item (scroll, wand etc.), racial spells, Eldritch Invocations, Elemental Disciplines or supernatural rewards (gifts, boons)?

  2. The Spellplague “explains” the changes between 3.5 and 4th edition (1385-1395 DR) and the Second Sundering explains the changes between the 4th and 5th (1482-1487 DR). But what “in-game events” explain the changes between 1st-2nd-3rd-3.5 please? Thank you!

  3. Kenesthor says:

    Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything Introduced the Artíficer class, which has an Infusion called Repeating Shot which reads:

    “If you load no ammunition in the weapon, it produces its own, automatically creating one piece of magic ammunition when you make a ranged attack with it. The ammunition created by the weapon vanishes the instant after it hits or misses a target.”

    How does this interact with Modern Weapons and their “Reload” property? Is it still needed to reload when the ammo is created magically in the weapon?

  4. With tasha’s unarmed fighting style, does the 1d4 damage to grapple enemies at the start fo your turn add your strenght modifier?
    My understanding is that it doesn’t but a friend told me to ask just in case

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