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  1. Springwoods says:

    Do Jump spell stack with with monk’s Step of the Wind? If so, the distance is times 5 or times 6?

  2. Matthew Wickman says:

    Is there a reason 5e has no Awaken Construct or Awaken Undead spell, my player wants to build a city of awakened skeletons.

  3. Vel says:

    If Planar Binding is used in conjunction with Conjure Elemental does the spells duration change to match Planar Binding “24 hours” or is it “concentration up to 24 hours”?

  4. Torquar says:

    Can you use True Polymorph to become a listed variant of a creature? For example, could I True Polymorph into a Djinni with the variant Wish-granting powers from MM pg 144?

  5. Plazmas says:

    So in the spell I would like to ask about is “Instant summons”, I have a couple questions and sort of a rube goldberg machine to ask about/get your opinion on.

    1. Can the gem be destroyed/broken/crushed by other means such as the “shatter” spell?
    2. does the item always go to your hand? And if so what happens if your hands are full?
    3. Could a spell effect that says the items name such as “magic mouth” also be used for the spell?

    And my “rube goldberg machine” of spells. I call it the “Refresh room”, a very expensive combo that could actually save you a lot of strife and money in the long run if it works. The numbers change depending on how many magic items you are getting back.

    1. In the middle of a decent sized room have a coffin with “Clone” casted on it as your container.
    2. 3 castings of “instant summons” (for 3 attunement items)
    3. 4 castings of “Glyph of Warding”. 3 with magic mouth, set to a recording of you saying all three of the items names, and 1 with a cast of shatter to break the sapphires.

    Have the 3 magic mouth glyphs be set to activate when the caster is detected in the coffin, then the shatter glyph to trigger 1 second after the others go off.

    all in all it costs about 6,830 gold in set-up and materials. But if it worked you would get your 3 items back.

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