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  1. paul j morelli says:

    You get surprised, are attacked, take damage. Can you hellish rebuke?
    Im hearing no hellish rebuke and no counter spell if you’re surprised.

  2. Can I use animate objetcs to animate 10 crossbow bolts and use it to attack 10 times against a enemy? Bellow some statistics to take into account. Notice that the spell is not elevated. Could a PC do 10 attacks unleashing 10d8 + 20 in one turn?

    Animated Object Statistics
    Size HP AC Str Dex Attack
    Tiny 20 18 4 18 +8 to hit, 1d4 + 4 damage
    Small 25 16 6 14 +6 to hit, 1d8 + 2 damage
    Medium 40 13 10 12 +5 to hit, 2d6 + 1 damage
    Large 50 10 14 10 +6 to hit, 2d10 + 2 damage
    Huge 80 10 18 6 +8 to hit, 2d12 + 4 damage

    • After you cast animate object, each blot becomes a tiny creature with the stats above. They will have a group initiative, and DM gets to controls them (because of Int 3) as following your comment issued by your bonus action. (like conjure animals) In a turn, they can all attack the same target as your command, possibly doing 40d4+40 dmg if all hits landed.

  3. On stacking spells. I’ve seen people say that a spell such as Booming Blade cannot affect the same target twice, because of the stacking spells rules. I’m taking that to mean that the affect, of if the target moves it takes X damage will not apply twice, you cannot stack it to where it takes 20d6 damage when it moves. But say if you cast it each round, or even twinned it, and it added 1d8 damage to the attack at 5th level, then not only the weapon damage, but the attack damage itself would still apply, however the additional affect of it taking damage when the target moved, would only apply once. Is that correct?

    If it isn’t how would that apply to spell damages that regularly affect the same target multiple times in the same round, such as Scorching Ray, or Hex with multiple attacks, or Eldritch Blast?

  4. WillLegitimate says:

    Wind Wall prevents creatures in Gaseous Form from passing through it. Does it also prevent creatures with similar forms from passing through? Elemental’s fire/water/air form or a vampire’s mist form for example?

    When A Fire Elemental attacks, does it trigger the touch condition of its Fire Form ability and do an extra 1d10 damage?

  5. JB says:

    So war caster allows spells for opportunity attack and RAW allow for melee opportunity attack…how come there isnt a regular ranged opportunity attack.

  6. James says:

    So I was discussing some items with my fellow dungeon master’s and someone brought up an item called the rod of security, but no one knows where the item is in any of the books. They know if it because of the internet d&d beyond. My question is, do you know which book it’s located in and of so which one?

  7. Courts24 says:

    Will absorb elements work, if you take no damage from that damage type and/or pass the saving throw

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