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  1. Andrew says:

    Would the Spell Magic Jar allow a PC to access their body without possessing it after it is exposed & transformed by Ceremorphosis, and retain their souls & mind in the Illithid/ulitharid body along with their class abilities & alignment.

  2. albert danquah says:

    If a Druid sees an awakened animal, or an otherwise unique animal with a different statblock, is it the intent of Wild Shape to allow the Druid to turn into those specific creatures, within the usual limitations?

  3. Torbulon says:

    I have a question about the Awaken Spell, if a player were to awaken a bush, in battle would the Awaken Bush have its own initiative order, or does it go right before the player, ETC?

  4. Bruce Donohue says:

    Not sure who might able be best to answer this, either yourself or Ed Greenwood. It is concerning Lamruil Moonflower and the Tree of Souls.The Tree of Souls remained in Evermeet and in the protection of the elves there but, after the failed conquest by Kymil Nimesin, the Queen, Amlaruil Moonflower, gave her son, Lamruil Moonflower, a bud of the tree. The Queen imparted to Lamruil that the time to plant the Tree on the mainland had come.In 1373 DR, Auseriel was abandoned and Lamruil retreated with the Tree to Evermeet to prevent its destruction. The tree was returned to Queen Amlaruil for safe keeping. In 1377 DR, Amlaruil brought the Tree back to the mainland and presented it to Ilsevele Miritar, seventh Coronal of the recently recaptured Myth Drannor. So what has happened to Lamruil Moonflower and Maura Silverhand since 1377?Now we know that Lamruil is the current bearer of the King’s Blade, the most powerful elven moonblade and heir apparent to the throne of Evermeet. With Myth Drannor destroyed in the Sundering series that brought on 5e, what has happened to the Tree of Souls (since the reason it was even put in Myth Drannor is because Richard Baker when writing Last Mythal Series forgot about Lamruil bringing it to Auseriel.)? So the Tree of Souls is supposed to once planted, would create a gradually enlarging sphere protected by ancient High Magic, and thus establish a new Elven Kingdom, a new haven for the Elven people, so where is it that in 5E Faerun and what is happening with that?

  5. Joe says:

    Just wondered if Wind Wall intentionally only does damage on the round it’s cast or if that’s an oversight?

    It would make sense to me that any creature trying to walk through it would have to pass a strength save, with small or smaller auto-failing.

  6. Morgan says:

    wondering if this has been answered before:
    Is the Undermountain still part of the Underdark per the description on Wiki ‘Undermountain is a vast labyrinth of caverns in the Underdark under the area of Waterdeep.?

  7. Im a brand new player, and I want to play a warlock. But im quite confused about the spells. Which ones should i start out with, and what are spell slots? Im not sure if this is important, but my character is a half eld

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