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  1. Kitanic says:

    In a campaign that i am in i have been collection blood samples and bodyparts from monsters we defeated, so far i got blood vials from Fishmen, Fishmen Crab, Garganos ( a “son” of a water god), Xel’narios (another “son” of a water god), and a orc. I also got the ear of a goblin, the teeth from a water god named Karkanos of Maw, i also collected the poisonous spore from a giant monster who creates monsters using mind control spores, when the monsters it made exploads the spore heavily poisons anyone within a 15feet radius. I will continue to collect samples and other stuff, but my question is, is there a way to combine all of this to make a construct ally or any kind of ally who will follow my orders. And if i do will they get traits from the things i collected?

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