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  1. Phillip says:

    Does magical darkness go through wall of force?

    Darkness . . . Completely covering the source of the darkness with an opaque object, such as a bowl or a helm, blocks the darkness.

    Does the opaque mean for example a glass bowl can cover the darkness but let the darkness through, and if that is so does the darkness go through the INVISIBLE wall that is wall of force.

    it has been said magic cannot go through wall of force, do to it being total cover by jeremy crawford so would that stop the MAGICAL darkness from going through the wall of force but not the glass bowl?

  2. J says:

    This is a very specific question but I am just curious.

    If I cast feeblemind on a Giant eagle (Int 8) which brings it down to an int of 1, it becomes a viable target for Awaken (requires beast or plant with Int of 3 or below). So what would happen if I cast Awaken on a feebleminded giant eagle?

  3. Thennic says:

    Arcane Trickster / Familiar Question?
    We all agree Familiars need to be in 5 feet of the target to Help someone, so it is a danger in melee but free advantage otherwise. Can you, however, wear your familiar? Fight with a snake around your neck or a weasel up your sleeve to gain advantage that way?

    Options are – Help action applied by a creature riding you gives advantage. Or your familiar hides on your person, you attack in melee, and you are 5 feet from target with another enemy of the target (the familiar) is also 5 feet from him (on your person in your space).

    This seem reasonable?

  4. Orca says:

    First question: Using the Grappler feat, does pinning a grappled creature actually END the grapple, or is that creature now considered grappled AND restrained on a successful pin?

    Second question: If a pinned creature is still considered grappled, the grappler feat confers advantage on attack rolls you make against grappled enemies. If attacking while restrained confers disadvantage on attack rolls but attacking a restrained creature confers advantage, would all this put together result in advantage on the attack roll?

    The following is my understanding:
    1. I attack a creature I have grappled with grappler feat (advantage).
    2. I am restrained while attempting to attack from pinning the creature (disadvantage neutralizes advantage)
    3. The enemy I am attacking is restrained from being pinned (resulting in net advantage)

    If the answer to my first question is a no, then obviously my second will be, but I can’t figure it out as the rules are currently written because it doesn’t explicitly say that the grappled condition ends on a successful pin.

  5. Matt Nerdy says:

    Hello Sage Advice,
    my question is about the Nilbog’s weapon. The Fool’s Scepter in volo’s guide it’s listed as a d6 bludgeoning with finesse. It doesn’t say finesse but the Nilbog gets +2 dex bonus to damage. There is no bludgeoning weapon with finesse under the 5e weapon list. It works like a Scimitar but the reskin rule is you can’t change the mechanics of the weapon. The mace is my next choice but no finesse. So I ask you Sir what is the Fool’s Scepter, is it magical or made of Mithral (my thinking it would give it the finesse property).?

    Thank you for your time & have a great day .

  6. I’m new to playing D&D and my first character is an Earth Genasi Monk. I was just curious as to whether an Earth Genasi can use this element, as I want my character to be able create a Bo staff with rocks and dirt around them. Any information as to what Genasi’s can do will be great.


  7. Ronald Shaw (@RonaldSh54321) says:

    Hi, I’ve tried asking these questions directly to Mr. Crawford via twitter but if ever there was a reply, I failed to see it. So if I may, I will ask them here.

    1) Can a triggered / reaction spell such as “Shield” or “Hellish Rebuke” be cast as a non-reaction and / or as desired out of combat?

    2) if you cast Shillelagh on a non-weapon item such as an Arcane Focus Staff or Staff of Healing does the spell prevent the item from taking damage under normal combat conditions (is it going to break if I use it as a weapon), further since these items are both classified as staves do they count as Improvised?

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